An unofficial, for-profit Genshin Impact fanzine
centred around Yelan.


Orchid's Gambit is an unofficial, for-profit Genshin Impact fanzine centred around Yelan.◇ A5, perfect bound, full colour, ~100 pages
◇ Includes both fanart and fics
◇ Merch will also be created
◇ SFW with a possible NSFW, digital-only side zine (TBC)
◇ No shipping content
◇ Canon-compliant OR canon-divergent, but NO AUs


Q. How will mods and contributors be compensated in this zine?◇ At the very minimum, all contributors will receive a digital copy of the zine + digital merchandise.
◇ If funds allow, then a full bundle including shipping will be given to all contributors.
◇ Any remaining funds will be distributed, with 30% going to moderators and 70% going to contributors.
Q. Can Yelan be drawn/written with other characters?Yes, so as long as she remains the main focus of the piece!Q. Are you only accepting artists?No! We're also accepting writers for this zine, alongside page artists, merch artists and spot illustrators.Q. How many contributors will you be accepting?Exact numbers will be finalised once our interest check ends.Q. I don't have any zine experience. Can I still apply?Certainly! Everyone is welcome to apply regardless of whether you've participated in a zine or not. Our mods will be choosing contributors based on the quality of their art/writing, not their prior experience.Q. I have a question and I can't find an answer for it!Feel free to send us a DM on Twitter or fill out a contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!


June 18th, 2022Zine announced
June 20th – July 20th, 2022Interest check period
During July 21st – July 31st, 2022Interest check results
August 1st – September 1st, 2022Contributor applications period
September 12th, 2022Contributor application results sent
September 12th – September 18th, 2022Contributor onboarding
September 19th – September 25th, 2022Pitch week
September 26th – October 2nd, 2022Spot art and collab assignments
October 17th – October 23rd, 2022Check-in 1
November 17th – November 23rd, 2022Check-in 2
December 23rd – December 30th, 2022Check-in 3
January 10th, 2023Final submissions for merch
January 15th, 2023Final submissions for art/writing
January 31st - March 8th, 2023Preorders period
March 8th, 2023 onwardsProduction period


Belle | Head

hi, i'm belle, and i'm the head mod for this zine! i'll be overseeing every part of this project, with a particular focus on comms, organisation + writing!i love the genshin women so, so much... first, it was beidou, and now... yelan pulls me back to the water all the same.

Bird | Art

hi i'm bird and i love yelan <3 i'll be the art mod for this zine! i'm also the art mod for ex umbra, a genshin mafia au zine, and i've been a contributor in a handful of other genshin zines!looking forward to working with everyone!

Catgiri | Writing

Hello! I'm Drea, unfortunate Genshin enthusiast, resident morally gray women enjoyer, and your Writing Mod for this zine! I have previously done some modding work for a femslash bang event and for the Amber fanzine... so you can probably tell I'm on a mission to give our ladies some love (and prime-quality content).

Ciarre | Graphics

Hi, I'm ciarre, the graphics mod!I've been part of many zines and I hope to create graphics that do Yelan's absolute badassery justice!

Emi | Merch

Hello! Call me Emi! I'm thrilled to join this zine as a merch mod! I've worked on the FE3H Edelbert zine, and later on the Xingqiu and Beidou zines for Genshin! I'm also a merch artist in general and have my own online shop! It's a pleasure to work with you! ♥

Kroalias | Layout

Hi I’m Cym and I’ll be handling formatting and shipping for this zine! When I’m not working on one of my many zines I’m probably off petting a cat somewhere.

Matcha | Socials

Hello! My name’s Matcha, and I’ll be managing our social media~ Yelan hot and pretty, hell yeahExp:
Reporting for Duty - Finance Mod
Teyvat’s Divination - Finance Mod
Wishing on Dandelions - Writing/General Mod


I'm your broke, neighbourhood cow moo and I'll be handling finance!If I'm not working, then I'm either watching weird chinese cooking videos or random episodes of crime/medical shows on facebook °r2 and fawning over genshin ladies 👁👁


Please fill out the form below if you had any questions/queries regarding the project!